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Local Small Business Honored At Formal State Recognition Celebration

Selected from among 3.7 million small companies in California

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Sacramento, CA – A crowd of 500 business leaders, legislators, corporate partners, and small business dignitaries applauded as Miller Hawkins Productions, Event Coordinators were honored as “California Small Business of the Year” for District 44. Inger Miller and Jill Hawkins received this special recognition from local legislator Assemblyman Anthony Portantino. This acknowledgement applauded a single district –based small business for exemplifying the contributions of the California’s 3.7 million small business owners to the California economy.

The award was announced May 26th at the annual California Small Business Day in Sacramento, and Miller Hawkins Productions, Event Coordinators joined in chorus to salute the spirit of entrepreneurship among California’s small business owners and operators throughout the day-long event.

Miller Hawkins Productions LLC (MHPevents) is a full service event coordinating company, specializing in the detailed production of Corporate, Private, and Social Events. Based in Altadena, MHPevents ( is in its 7th year of operation. The MHPevents team consists of two principals; both Pasadena natives, Olympic Gold Medalist, Inger Miller and 15 year veteran of the event production industry, Jill Hawkins.

“We are honored to have been selected for this award; and we thank Assemblyman Anthony Portantino for this recognition. We are also grateful to all of our clients that allow us to do what we love,” said Miller and Hawkins.

“This is a special event when government, business, associations and community come together to honor the small business contributions of innovation, job creation and economic growth to the State of California,” said Betty Jo Toccoli, President of the California Small Business Association, on behalf of the two-dozen small business organizations hosting the event.

Small businesses serve as the primary economic engine that drives the state’s economy. Over one half of Californians employed in the private sector work for small business. The state’s small firms produce more new jobs, more inventions, and more patents, than any other size company in California or any other state in the nation.